SereneNSassy Soul

I will never be confined again; I will simply go with the flow instead of against it. I am an introverted, intuitive Empath; my divine purpose is to lend a hand to those who may need someone to listen, encouragement or simply to know they are not alone. Fiercely loyal and undeniably passionate.


Disturbing the Peace

It’s so hurtful to be in touch with someone who is unwilling to relate to anything you feel or say simply because their personal beliefs are different from yours. It’s an awful feeling making an effort to communicate with someone whose beliefs are not your own yet you listen to them compassionately but do not receive the same in return. Even worse…the person you are trying to communicate with claims to love you yet their actions are contrary.

Just finishing up a call compelled me to write this in an effort to relieve the pain spreading throughout my chest; it hurts each time I speak with them or when I am in their presence. My throat is also sore because I had to suppress my voice as it was evident they did not want to hear much of what I had to say. I mostly listened to their thoughts/feelings; there was dead silence when I attempted to share my thoughts/feelings.

I don’t need for anyone to be just like me or understand who I am; I do expect them to respect who I am and offer love and support if they plan to remain in my life. I’m done making excuses and trying to determine why people behave as they do and why they seemingly refuse to accept others without judgment. I am not perfect but I do not judge or dislike people based on my feelings or beliefs; if you’re kind and respect me I offer the same to you.

I mostly agree with the Law of Attraction but honestly there are some things I just cannot agree with. While I have experienced not liking certain traits in others because they were the same traits I did not like within (unknowingly until recently) I cannot agree that in each case I have somehow attracted these people into my life. Some people were brought into my life in ways out of my control (i.e. biological family members, co-workers, neighbors) and it’s not always in my best interest to keep them as part of my life. If someone who is a biological family member is not respectful of my thoughts/feelings, should I feel obligated to continue a relationship with them? No!

I’ve been through too much that I had to deal with on my own and I’ve come too far to allow anyone to disturb my peace. While I continued to hold certain biological family members and/or “friends” in high regard because I thought it was the “right” thing to do, I am no longer willing to sacrifice any part of myself. I will never again give away my inner peace for anyone or anything; it’s just not worth it. I love and accept myself unconditionally and anyone who cannot respect who I am is not worth having a place in my life…no matter who they are.

Sharing your feelings can be a sign of vulnerability for some; for me it’s a way to heal and perhaps offer others the courage to do the same.


Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul

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I want…

I want him to know the scent of my hair

I want him to know the touch of my hand

I want him to know the feel of my skin

I want him to know the thoughts in my mind

I want him to know how I feel inside and out

I want him to know my words before they are spoken

I want him to know my eyes and their stare

I want him to know known my whispers; my moans

I want him to share what he feels; what he is afraid to tell

I want him to reveal his highest self and know he’s safe

I want him to always want more; always need more of me

I want him to know that his spirit and mine are entwined and out of control…


© SereneNSassy Soul 2014


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No Words Needed…

Most times what’s not said means so much

Most times what you feel means so much

Most times your eyes reveal so much

Most times your touch tells so much

Most times your eyes give away so much

I can smell how much you want me

I can hear how deeply you breathe for me

I can see how much you are drawn to me

Love and Lust







You can feel that I want you same as you want me

You can hear my breath; enticing you to move closer

You touch me and my skin betrays my desire to be unaffected

You…Me…it’s meant to be…

© SereneNSassy Soul 2014


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First Encounter…

Her touch ignites the deepest parts of him awakening each nerve, filling him with raw desire

His eyes pierce through her clearly stating he wants to plunge deep inside of her

His breathing is rapid anticipating an intense feeling from the first touch of her skin

He’s no longer the cool, always in control tower of strength; passion is driving every part of him

He’s giving in to his profound desire of pleasuring all of her…mind, body and beyond her soul

He intends to make his mark in the most hidden parts of her; he knows they will be one after this sensual journey

First touch up the length of her spine…her poise and resistance are lost forever…


 © SereneNSassy Soul 2014Man and His Woman Lock and Key

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SereneNSassy Soul:

Celebrating YOU!

Originally posted on Sensual Mystiq Vibe:

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

Step out of the box; it doesn’t fit you

Release all limiting thoughts, feelings,and beliefs

Let go of anyone or anything that does not support your highest self

Trust yourself; forgive yourself; love yourself

YOU ARE beautiful; YOU ARE courageous; YOU ARE enough

YOU ARE loved, YOU ARE supported; YOU ARE never alone

Step out…have faith…find your flow…

Today we celebrate and accept ourselves unconditionally. Here is a song to help you SHOUT SHOUT and let it all out…

Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful & productive NEW day.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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How Can I Help You?

Good Evening Beautiful Spirits!

I hope your day was peaceful and productive. :-)

I’ve created  a contest to help me assess YOUR needs and desires. Send me YOUR top three (3) things that would make your life easier right now. For example:

Today a client told me that if she had someone come in to cook for her family at least three (3) times per week, manage laundry and clean the house, her life would be easier. This would afford her time to spend taking care of herself and create the balance missing from her life.

What would make your life easier and afford you more “me” time?

I will select the top three (3) answers and the winners will receive a Holistic, Hand-crafted Delight from Sensual Mystiq.

Contest begins today Monday, April 14, 2014; last submissions will be accepted through Friday, April 18, 2014. Winners will be announced Monday, April 21, 2014.

Submission can be made by posting a comment to this blog post, posting a comment to the FaceBook or Google+ post or via email submission

Best wishes to everyone and as always, Love, Peace & many Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul 

And the winner is

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My Vibe on “Loyal”

My Vibe on “Loyal” so the individual questions can cease…

Loyalty 1Let’s be clear, loyalty is a two-way street much like respect and must be earned. Loyalty is not simple as people treating you as you think you deserve to be treated nor is it simple as someone keeping your deepest, darkest secrets. Loyalty is a feeling of commitment, worthiness, reverence and love. Loyalty is not something you bestow upon just anyone; your heart and spirit decide who is worthy of your loyalty. If you give someone your loyalty despite your intuition about them…the fault is yours alone.

It’s ok to be angry (for a short while) due to the results of personal choices you’ve made; it’s NOT ok to seemingly belittle an entire gender because you’re angry. Perhaps identifying the reason behind your choices, addressing and resolving them, then doing everything in your power to make sure you don’t make the same choices again will be a better use of your time.

If there is a characteristic you loathe about someone (i.e. emotional weakness) it almost always leads to a mirror image of the same within yourself; check yourself!


This is not a personal attack of anyone; Hip Hop lyrics are a direct reflection of what society has settled for and has decided to allow. Demand quality and music that makes you feel good will be created and presented to you. Never doubt that people treat you exactly how you allow them to; teach them to treat you well.

Loyalty 2

Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul

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Lost and Found

Transformation…highs and lows; peace and chaos

Who I was before now is not who I am meant to be

Past life is fading fast; I can barely recall it now

Released from what was; thrust into what is

Feeling is indescribable but the difference is extreme; no longer subtle as it was when I began this journey

No expectations; acceptance and knowing

Actively present as it all unfoldsFinding Yourself

Previously unaware of where I belonged; now my existence is apparent

Purpose is clear as I journey to fulfill what has been carved out for me

I listen as quiet calm consumes me; chaos dissipates

Fear is expelled; courage is evident throughout my spirit, my heart and my mind

My thoughts and feelings are my own; uninfluenced by another

Peace has settled within and I will fiercely battle anything that tries to take it away from me

I was once so very lost; now I am where I’ve always needed to be…

© SereneNSassySoul  2014

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Emotions Flow…

butterfly and water flow

Unmanageable they travel at their own pace

Flowing effortlessly running deep and wide

Entangling others but often their journey is solitary

Mostly profound and indescribable; sometimes vivid and clarifying 

Engaging all of your senses; relying on you to accept and simply allow them to be

You are governed by them; valleys and peaks

They will not be ignored, suppressed or altered

They create who you are authentically

Can’t imagine existence without them

Emotions…true to who you are, what you desire and what you will experience.


SereneNSassy Soul © 2014

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You are…

You are too beautiful and talented to hide yourself from the world
Allow yourself to blossom; unfold and allow yourself to be open
You are a luscious flower awakening after a long winter’s hibernation
You are as deep as an ocean; allow yourself to flow
You were once hidden like stars in the night sky suffocating from thick and wide clouds
You are now shining brightly as the Sun; lending a loving hand for others to ascend from hibernation
Your journey has not been easy but you’ve enjoyed many peaceful moments along the way
You kept going even when you were uncomfortable and felt like giving up; rewards are in progress
Your strength is profound; your will impenetrable
Your worth is immeasurable; your purpose vital touching lives of those who need to know they are not alone
Your words are kind and compassionate
Your intentions and actions are loving and beneficial for those experiencing a journey of their own

You will not look back, nor forward; instead you will stay in the moment and go with the flow

You are whole, you are worthy, you are enough; allow the mysteries of life to unfold
New, beautiful and magical experiences await you…
New Beginnings

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