Writing Angels

In this section I will support budding and established writers. None of us can do this alone!

Feature Writer Syd…

My best friend Syd…where to begin. He and I are truly connected yin and yang; where I am weak he is strong and where he is too strong (LoL) I am soft enough to provide the balance needed. He’s always had my front and my back (never understood people who have your back leaving your front wide open for assault! LoL). Syd has always encouraged and stood beside me even when everyone else faded away.

He was the one who refused to let me give up on my dreams even when I was suffering through anxiety and depression; he gave me space but was never too far. When I’m not right…he instinctively reaches out to me (we live in different states) and it always touches my spirit in the most beautiful way.

Although we don’t get to communicate as much as we use to (he has a family of his own now and I have been doing…whatever I’ve been doing LoL) he is a tremendous part of my life. I missed him so very much during our initial separation; feeling cast aside I tried to push him out of my heart (defense mechanism) but Syd would not let it happen. He reassured me that although things were different our love and connectedness would never change.

I am so blessed to have Syd as a featured writer here on my blog. He has so much wisdom with such a unique delivery…I just had to share him with you. I hope you will enjoy Off The Cuff with Syd as much as I do and feel free to connect with him here thoughts@serenensassysoul.com.

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