Who is am I? I’m a plethora of creative and loving energies all rolled into one physical being…

Mother, Sister, Friend, Daughter

Founder of SereneNSassy Soul™ and Sensual Mystiq™

Herimg_1940-2balAroma™ Specialist

Chios® Master Teacher and Practitioner

EmbraceYourFlow Coach


To be continued…

I was gifted the name Ayana (meaning beautiful flower in Swahili) by Mama Eva; an altruistic, beautiful spirit. According to Mama Eva, my birth name describes the essence of who I am: one with a calm temperament, ability to see beauty in all things and consider all perspectives, empathetic, and introspective (yes even as a child). I’m both honored and grateful to Mama Eva for this gift.

I’ve suffered through depression/anxiety, an abusive marriage and struggles of being a single parent. One day, after days of being in the “hole” (a dark place where all hope is gone) and being sick from extreme internal chaos, I calmly asked The Universe to take the life from me. The Universe had different plans because I surely awakened the next morning. After crying a long while, I took a deep breath and made a conscious decision to reclaim my life. Next several months were spent committing to releasing anything I was allowing to make my life miserable so I could begin healing. I refused to take medication for depression/ anxiety; instead I started a holistic approach to healing myself.

I began creating herbal tea and essential oil blends to keep my mind from drifting back along with practicing yoga, meditation and Chakra balancing on my own. I found a wonderful acupuncturist who guided me through my highs and lows; Lawrence Gamble is truly my Angel on Earth. There was so much “crap” to clear out; it took about a year for me to really get through the biggest hurdles but I was determined. I became stronger, learning to accept and love my authentic self.

Today “less-than-good days” are far and few in between. During the “less-than-good days I identify what I am feeling, why I feel as I do, and resolve so I can return to my highest self. When you know who you are, you reclaim the power you’ve unknowingly given away; I will never give away my personal power again…ever.

I may not have all of the answers, but I am proof all things are possible once you embrace and accept change. Forget what you’ve been told; life is not meant to be a tedious endeavor. Never mind what “they” say, “they” don’t have answers you need; your answers are within. It’s time for you to embrace the Beautiful Spirit you were created to be.

The past cannot be changed…why waste time there? The future cannot be created…why waste time stressing about it? The present moment offers you everything you need to be peaceful and content…this is where you should be.

Love, Peace & Courage,

Ayana Theresa