holisticlargeSereneNSassy Soul is an Integrative, Whole Healing practice supporting those who feel unsupported; inspiring those who need inspiration; encouraging those who need to be encouraged. We are not meant to go at it alone. I haven’t read one article or blog post about a successful person who “did it all” alone; have you?

I will help you reconnect and listen to the messages of your heart, your truest self as you learn to EmbraceYourFlow. Embracing Your Flow simply requires you to commit to reconnecting with yourself and being present. Listening to the messages of your heart will help you “see” opportunities all around you.

SereneNSassy Soul fosters independence and partnership; helping people help themselves as well as teaching others how to do the same. Each New Day provides an opportunity to evoke soul-stirring perspectives, depth and organic connections.

Integrative, Whole Healing Services & Delights

2014-03-02-14-45-39Chios® Energy Healing Session

Maintaining a healthy energy field creates harmony for your WHOLE being (mind, body and spirit), increases physical and mental stability and promotes inner peace.

Chakras are energy centers within each of us and whenever you are not being true to yourself (i.e. saying yes to doing something for someone else even though you were looking forward to doing something for yourself) it will create a disturbance within you affecting your Chakra energy centers. Energy healing removes negative energy and stagnation from your Chakra energy centers and restores healthy flow.

yes-you-canEmbraceYourFlow Coaching

I will assist you with reconnecting and listening to the messages of your heart; accepting all of you completely and unconditionally. Who knows you better than you; your deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs…your wants, needs, desires? All of the answers you seek are within, I will create a non-invasive, customized plan to help you simply…EmbraceYourFlow.


♥ Calm your mind and release internal chaos (mind chatter)

♥ Increase your physical and mental stability

♥ Listen to and honor messages of your heart

♥ Improve your sleep habits, wake up energized each New Day

♥ Gain clarity you need to fulfill your purpose/intentions

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aromatherapy-oilsHerbalAroma Delights

♥ Hand-crafted HerbalAroma Oils, Creams & Soaks

♥ Herbal Tea Blends

♥ Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Custom blends created upon request.

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