My Purpose My Passion

 Inspiring:  Self-love ♥ Self-empowerment ♥ Self-compassion

Encouraging you to know yourself intimately; accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. Who knows you better than you? Who knows your deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs…Your wants, needs, desires. All of the answers you seek are within; I will help you find your tools of empowerment to guide you along the way.

Together we will create a customized plan you can easily integrate with your lifestyle. Change is sometimes uncomfortable but always necessary to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

 Intuitive EmbraceYourFlow™ Coaching


Cultivating beautiful, fulfilling relationships with the one who matters most…YOU! Understanding yourself will provide personal fulfillment, acceptance and inner peace. Understanding yourself will also allow you to create satisfying relationships with loved ones.


  • Identifying your authentic self
  • Knowing yourself intimately
  • Learning how to flow
  • Identifying strengths and building upon them
  • Quieting internal chaos
  • Understanding your personal energy
  • How to “read” other’s energy
  • Releasing what does not serve your highest self
  • Opening yourself to fulfilling your passions
  • Helping you choose and nurture satisfying relationships

Holistic HerbalAroma™ Delights

Delights are handmade using organic and/or wild-crafted ingredients. Great for humans and animals to help with various ailments such as muscle/joint pain, seasonal allergies/hay fever, and anxiety just to name a few.

  • Herbal Tea & Tincture Blends
  • HerbalAroma™ Oils and Creams
  • HerbalAroma™ Soaks
  • Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Certified Chios® Master Teacher and Practitioner (energy healing)

Maintaining a healthy energy field creates harmony for your WHOLE being (mind, body and spirit), increases physical and mental stability and promotes inner peace. Chakras Centers and Aura Layers absorb energy from the environment and natural world of plants, animals, Sun, Moon, planets and the entire Universe.

True healing requires more than just diagnosing and addressing physical systems. Treatment must encompass various methods assessing each part of you to create WHOLE healing.

Energy Healing is empowering and requires you to simply commit to making time for your daily practice, opening yourself to new ideas and above all else carefully listening to your inner voice; your intuition.

A healthy energy field creates harmony for your WHOLE being (mind, body and spirit) and promotes inner peace. Open yourself to new ideas and above all else listen to your inner voice; your intuition.


I am looking forward to connecting with you. Schedule your 30 minute complimentary session via email

Love, Peace & Blessings…


3 thoughts on “My Purpose My Passion

  1. Thank you again for following us! I’m interested in some of your work with aroma therapy and the like. We’ll trade some visits if you like.


    • Your blog is awesome so it’s my pleasure; thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for expressing interest in Sensual Mystiq. I create all of the Delights by hand and use organic herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils. We can certainly discuss further if you’d like please let me know.
      Take care and thank you again for visiting. :-)

      • It’s impressive that you personally create these scents and aromas! I’ve always enjoyed candles and oils when relaxing or getting a massage.

        Certainly we can talk more about what you do to create them. Might make for a good post for you??

        Take care and we’ll be talking again soon.

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