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Natural Wonders – Herbs

Good New Day Beautiful Spirits!

I just wanted to share something beautiful (well at least to me *chuckles*).

I replanted a stem from a bunch of greens a neighbor shared with me and it’s growing so beautifully. I added it to a pot growing ¬†succulent Aloe just in case it needed a helper with strong presence to help it grow. Well these Vietnamese greens ( Mong Toi/Malabar Spinach) are showing love to Aloe for being supportive It has entwined itself around an Aloe stem, the strongest in the pot thus far.

I still laugh when people tell me plants and animals are not alive and have no feelings. It’s always been quite obvious to me that they do; perhaps at times even more so than humans!

Do you have any plant/herbal encounters to share? Please feel free to share as I can’t get enough of nature and all it has to offer.

As always, Love, Peace & Blessings to you…

SereneNSassy Soul