Writing Angels
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My heart burns with desire and hate

It dances with jealousy and rage.

I cannot explain these feelings

They are controlling me.

Even though I try to forget

To try to bury them away, they just

Manage to find a way to the surface again.

When I look into my own soul

I see fire and coal and I aspire to

Have a face again

This mask of aggression is stuck to my face.

Unbreakable, I struggle to find a place of my own in a lonely world.

 I see no reflection in the mirror so,

I cannot break away from this heart breaking


Of imprisonment and judgment

I struggle to stay alive.

I Try to crack the mask that seems unbreakable.

It is hard to breathe the beat of my heart jumps and skips with panic

I am trap within this mask of darkness.

Sinking deeper into the dark my memories fade away.

I drop down to my knees and screamed to be saved!

I have no energy with any clear thoughts,

I go into deep prayer to confess my sins and to admit that I am lost.

My eyes become heavy as I talk, my heartbeat slows down and I cannot walk then I fall down on the ground.

I thought that was the end

Moments later, I wake up gasping for air. Something was different

The Unbreakable mask I live with for so long shattered into a million micro pieces.

I felt my face for the first time in a long time. My mind was clear and only happiness ran through my

 Blood I have a second chance from this unbreakable mask

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