State of Hip Hop I by Dedaman313

As i sit here watchin hip hop diminish , replenish ,diminish & replenish ( unstable), I wonder……..??????

I just wanna take the time to breakdown some of your favorite artist ……

1. Lil Wayne

Best Rapper Alive? (did jay-z die?)

I personally think wayne is an awesome rapper!!!! (now pay attention kids)

New day , New drink right ? My definition of what qualifies an artist to be the best may differ from a lot of yours.

Back to Lil wayne , Swag… yes , Energy… yes , Wordplay… yes . I think he needs to concentrate more on making sense a lot of the time. To most, this is over shadowed by the energy & the swag , and when i say wordplay i mean the art of skilled and somewhat complex rhyming . No doubt he flooded the mixtape circuit & with some heat too, I might add . The only thing now was would the album live up to the hype ?

The Carter 3 debuted at #1 as expected & is a pretty entertaining album !! Classic? Well if we are going by where the bar is set ( first week sales ) from the likes of Doggystyle, Get Rich or Die Trying etc. Which also did a mil+ its first week,then maybe. (Here comes the curve) So this is what its come too ? First week sales & sounds can determines what is a classic album now ? Imma be brutally honest, Wayne is a GREAT RAPPER! An Above average MC & a poor songwriter . He is such a good rapper that he gets away with babbling a lot of the time ! Again the energy ,the swag veers u away from the fact that there is no substance the majority of the time . I think Cash Money/Universal did the ultimate marketing/anticipation since Doggystyle! Not to take away from the albums credibility or anything (I personally like tha Carter 2 a lot better). I just feel the need to get something out of a song & i dont get that from wayne most of the time . On the song “A MillI” , am i the only one that realizes that it’s not even a song for real ? That it’s just a hot freestyle ? At the end of it can anyone on earth tell me what the joint was about ? That’s my only critique on him really . Regardless, he has made a lot of money & has a bright future ahead of him . (Stay Tuned….. next week its Nas’)

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