J-Rich – Fresh New Hip Hop Talent

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the music industry. We can’t afford to keep fresh new talent hidden instead we need to do everything we can to expose them to the masses. J-Rich is an upcoming Hip Hop artist determined to create an authentic Hip Hop base in his hometown Toronto, Canada. Music today has become so mundane, even predictable so J-Rich’s arrival is greatly anticipated. J-Rich is bringing a fresh and fun approach to Hip Hop that is well overdue.

J-Rich began performing at age 15 with Block 13 Kidz before stepping out on his own to create and share the music in his soul. He often collaborates with other Canadian Artists to accomplish his of goal of officially putting Toronto on the music scene.

J-Rich’s flow, catchy phrases and overall appearance is often compared to his favorite Hip Hop artist Fabolous. To date, J-Rich has released two mixtapes “Damage Control” and “Rich in a Recession”. He is currently working on his third soon to be released mixtape “J-Rich Meets OT”. J-Rich is just 20 years young and still learning how to maneuver in the music industry but his great work ethic and raw talent will take him as far as he is willing to go.

Most impressive is J-Rich’s dedication and willingness to grind hard to make his long time dream quickly become reality. My favorite songs to date are Real Rap Part II and Fireworks. J-Rich’s music is rekindling my love affair with Hip Hop; a beautiful experience. J-Rich is proving to be a good look and just what we need to help revive the music we used to cherish, Hip Hop.

Check Out this Hot Track—>>> INTERGALATIC by J-Rich

Visit these sites to experience J-Rich’s music

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jrichtherookieoftheyear

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/jrichmusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JRichPNP

Keep in touch on Twitter: JRichTO

A Few Facts About J- Rich

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Fabolous

Album He’s Most Inspired By: Real Talk by Fabolous

Favorite Creative Space – Any Quiet Room

Best Spot In Toronto: 1 King West Hotel J-Rich retreats to this here for his birthday each year. “Reminds me that even Kings need to take time off to enjoy life.”

In His Spare Time: He writes music, links up with friends and gives his PS3 a serious workout! Gaming is his second love…

Ideal Woman: Confident, smart and adventurous. She will also respect what he is building with his music.

J-Rich Gives Special Thanks to:

Aquarius Production (record label in Ottawa, Canada)

U3A (local Canadian artists)

Proverbs (His Hip Hop mentor)

“Shout out to everyone in Toronto supporting my music.”


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