And Then Came You…

Your eyes, innocent yet seductive

Your smile, calming and inspiring

Something within you gives me hope

Something within you makes me want to love again

Your arms are strong yet gentle enough to protect and comfort me

I often imagine your touch pushing the pain away

I know you will listen, I mean really listen to what I feel or have to say

I am sure we share the same truths, our minds are connected

I know your passion, it’s parallel to mine

You love mind, body and soul, I share this ability

Thanks to you I can face what frightens me most

I am willing to conquer any obstacle preventing us from being one

Even though it sounds it sounds cliché…you absolutely take my breath away.



  1. This is a beautiful poem. Love your usage of words and puns to get across your point. I also love how it’s open to interpretation.
    It it coming.


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