You know the kind when someone just stares and smiles at you for no particular reason at all. The kind that greets you with the smell of a thoughtful meal, candlelight, “how was your day”, a simple kiss and a warm “let me take those bags for you” after a long tedious day. After dinner, lighthearted conversation is exchanged as your feet are given a soothing massage. What makes the conversation so wonderful…your partner is genuinely attentive and absorbs your every word.

A nice hot bath is prepared for you with all the trimmings: a lit soft scented candle, melodic, soul-stirring music playing Trey Songz \”Massage\”, and even your bubbles are scented! The one who loves you exclaims, “This is your time; enjoy and unwind. Don’t allow anything to disturb these moments. Most of all understand that you deserve this and it has been a long time coming! I love you and I will see you when you are done.”

You say that you want this kind of love and romance but you are not willing to accept it. When romance is expressed to you, you often shun the attention; it feels weird and maybe too good to be true. You may even feel unworthy of feeling this good.  Things that happen outside the normalcy of your day-to-day life may even frighten you a bit. You may begin to question your mate’s intentions, “Huuuummm he/she has never done this before so what’s so special about today?”

I believe the “honeymoon stage” ends because many of us have not learned how to relax in a relationship.  The connection becomes more of a job than something pleasurable. Also past relationship issues seem to seep in to current relationships; such an unfortunate occurrence. This is no longer a light-hearted affair! Depending on the deepness of the feelings involved, things you would normally overlook now become items to ponder. After all in the beginning everyone puts their best foot forward but as we grow closer we reveal our true selves. My Grand Daddy always said, “He/she did not change Baby Girl, they just showed you what they wanted you to see and now you are learning what they are really all about!”

Back to the romance…

Upon exiting your bath you discover you will be oiled and rubbed down which is breathtaking to your already tranquil body and soul. Your lover’s hands feel so sensuous that an unplanned love-making session erupts. Tonight’s love making is un-hurried and exceedingly passionate. Adoration seems to be at its supreme climax; discovered is the truest meaning of two souls becoming perfectly intertwined. Whew…whew again!

The only thought left at the end of this idyllic evening is, “How can I surpass tonight?”



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