Introducing Author Jonell George…

Please join me in digesting the soulful, sensual poetic thoughts of published author Jonell George. Jonell writes about the deepness of love, the turmoil of love and the nurturing of love. Here are a few secrets to help us read deeper into her words.

SNS: What if anything inspires you to write?

Jonell: What inspires me to write is a variety of emotion, visuals and experiences… Letting it out on paper is such a great mental release!

SNS: What is your favorite subject to write about ?

Jonell: I LOVE to write about Love but also being the voice for someone else… Expressing what they are afraid to talk about.

SNS: Do you have a favourite place to create? Favorite kind of music to create to?

Jonell: Not really! I write in my room, while I’m walking in a mall, while I’m at a stoplight… the moment the words start flowing in my mind they have flow into my blackberry or my pen…. Music? Hmmmm Jazz, Slow music, sometimes even hip hop….

CONFLICT RESOLUTION by Author Jonell George

His lack of consideration
Feeds her mental frustration
This leads to many complications
And it’s beyond her imagination
How the break down in communication
Causes cross contamination
Extended arm for the administration
Of a dose of realization
Calming the risk of escalation
He visualizes the illustration
Of her verbalized accusation
Experiences the side affects of cerebral confirmation
That her hearts devastation
Isn’t targeted constipation
Instead its an exclamation
Of her desired love elevation…

Please visit Jonell’s blog to check out more of her wonderful pieces:

Jo Jo’s Spot http://

Also review and purchase her book “Linguistics of a Lady”

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