My Mother, a Beautiful Soul…

Such an old cliché but so true…you never miss what you’ve had until it’s gone!

My Mom came to visit me last Wednesday because she was worried I’ve been stressing myself to the point of emotional destruction. Mom came to check on her “Baby Girl” because of her unconditional love for me. I’m not sure there is another love in the Universe that can match the unconditional love a mother has for her child(ren). Even in the animal kingdom, a mother protects and nurtures her offspring without contemplation.

Prior to this visit I was unable to truly appreciate the differences between Mom and I; I even figured she would never love and accept me as I am because of how different we are. Mom is a “tell it like it is” person while I will avoid confrontation and/or hurting someone’s feelings as often as possible. Most times I am Felix Unger; Mom is more like Oscar Madison! LOL

For the past few months I’ve been distant from everyone including Mom. It’s natural for me to shut out the world when stress emotionally drains me and makes me feel hopeless. Throughout my “madness”, Mom never gave up on me and no matter how many times I ignored her calls; she would keep reaching out to me. She would leave messages expressing how much she loved me and that she understood why I would not return her calls. During my “madness” I could not see how selfish I was being but shutting out the one person who has always loved me, just as I am.

During Mom’s visit our connection exceeded anything previous between us. It was comforting having her here to help settle my nerves and battle my stress.  It was wonderful to share my secrets again with my very best friend; one that will keep my secrets and not tear me down in my face or behind my back. We laughed, we spoke about serious issues and we shared our dreams and plans of action. It felt so good to share myself with someone I can trust completely. Mom’s smile told me that she was pleased we were able to restore our connection and this alone eased the months of emotional discomfort I’ve been struggling with alone.

You only get one Mom and she is someone to treasure no matter what else may happen during your life. Never take her for granted; never push her away. Your Mom will always have your back and most importantly, your front! I love my Mom even more today than I can recall from our past. She is an unmatched blessing in my life and I will remember to thank God each day for such a Beautiful Soul…My Mom.


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  1. So very true ! You only have one Mum who (hopefully) will love you unconditionally – my Mum died 11 years ago at the age of 57 after a short illness and even now I’m caught on the hop by floods of tears – we were close when she was alive but I know there was so much more she wanted to do than just work to the end. Cherish your Mum while she’s here – you’ll never get that time back 🙂


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