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Almost Ready Again…

I feel almost ready to love again, to allow myself to be vulnerable again

I feel almost ready to share my world again, to open up to someone again

I feel almost ready to take a chance again, to love completely again

I feel almost ready to trust again, to believe in someone else again

I feel almost ready to lean on someone again, to not do it all alone again

I feel almost ready to listen…I mean really listen to someone again

I feel almost ready to make love with someone again, to be pleased and to commit to pleasing again

I feel almost ready to let HIM lead again, well for the most part…as much as a Lioness can let someone else lead

I feel almost ready to blend with another soul again, without losing my identity

Love is what you create with someone worthy, I feel almost ready to allow myself to fall in love again.

Smooches…SNS 🙂

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Here is a piece created within 20 minutes of a request to participate in a project with an Artist whose work I treasure (not sure what name he’s using as of today LOL). He decided to go in a different direction with the project but I am hoping my words will create a trend of sisterhood which seems absent from our culture…

sisterhood2We Are…Women

We feel deeply

We love unconditionally

We are strong

We are determined

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends

We are uniquely beautiful inside and out

We laugh; we cry; we love; we hate

We are loyal; we are proud; we are selfless

We have brilliant minds

We have many talents

We command respect

sisterhood1My Sister…

If you feel beaten down, I will lift you up

If you feel like giving up, I will give you hope

If you need comfort, I will reignite your spirit with my warm embrace

If you need someone to listen, I will do so attentively

If you are ready to share your greatness, I will support you completely

If someone tries to hurt you, I will protect you fiercely

If you don’t believe you are magnificent, I will continue to show you until you do