June 23, 2012 – A Bit of Me…

I fell in love with the sky again today. It’s so beautiful; so many colors and textures. I often drive and look up to check out the clouds, sun and even the moon. I know…not a great idea while driving but that’s when I have the best view except at the beach. Today I earned a ticket gliding through a red light that I did not notice because I was too busy smiling at the clouds and enjoying the cool breeze that was gently embracing me. An expensive lesson…yes but I am finally experiencing peace, something I’ve been longing for and would not trade for anything.

This evening at the beach the sun is warm and comforting, the waves are relaxing and the soft breeze feels great against my skin. The bugs are somewhat annoying but hey they have to live too! LoL I’m listening to all of the music I love, reading magazines, gathering more business ideas and for a change…no worries or negative thoughts have passed through my mind.

I am genuinely enjoying the woman I am becoming; who I’ve always been but until now was afraid to share with the world. My hair is natural, no polish on my fingers or toes, no make-up ever and I’m beautiful inside and out; no one else’s opinion matters.  I have finally accepted the “Authentic Me” and I’ve never felt better. If only I knew how good this would feel…I would have gotten here long ago!

I also discovered my sensuality today…I felt it in my walk, my smile and the tingly feeling when I realized I was actually flirting today. LoL It’s amazing how wonderful I feel since making a conscious effort to change my mind-set. Meditation led the way for me to reconnect with my spirit…its grounding, balancing and creates a “whole” you.
It’s never too late to begin loving yourself and creating a life you will enjoy while maintaining serenity. So proud that I never really gave up…




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