Another Bit of Me…

I’ve been told that I love too deeply

I’ve been told that I think too much

I’ve been told that I try to help too often

I’ve been told that I am extremely emotional


I do love deeply but only if you are worthy

I do think most of my waking hours because I never want to stop learning

I do try to help often because my spirit is drawn to help those who may benefit

I do feel many emotions…yours and mine because I’m an Empath


I’ve been labeled unreasonably “all or nothing”

I’ve been labeled abnormally introverted

I’ve been labeled ridiculously rigid

I’ve been labeled an absolute pushover


It’s true; I was an all or nothing person but achieving balance has rid my life of that unnecessary behavior

It’s true; I am introverted which is a huge part of my personality

It’s true; I was rigid but achieving balance has made it easier to compromise

I was never a pushover but I did let many people hang themselves with the long rope I gave them


For so long I believed those opinions and labels

For so long I struggled with who I was vs. who I should be

For so long I was unhappy and confused

For so long I wondered why “they” always wished me different


Now I’ve found balance

Now I understand and appreciate who I am and have always been

Now I realize “they” don’t know me at all

Now the only opinion that matters is mine


It took realizing that I’ve been existing instead of living for me to change what needed to be and accepting the parts of me that are authentically who I am. I have finally found peace, balance and the ability to accept and love myself wholly. My wish for you is that you will do the same if you have not done so already.

By the way…I am also labeled an INFJ which I accept completely! 🙂


Smooches, SNS


  1. I started thinking ENFJ when I started reading this post, but as I read further INFJ became the most obvious answer. No personality type is right or wrong. It looks as though you have figured out more about yourself and it is helping. Good luck in your future endeavors and great post!


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to digest my words and leave a comment. 🙂 You are absolutely right, there is no right or wrong personality type. I think we must learn to love who who we are; every piece! Thank you also for good wishes and I hope you won’t be a stranger. 🙂


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