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You are never alone…


No I cannot walk in your shoes, but I WILL walk beside you

No I cannot understand the depth of your hurt, but I WILL help you through it

No I do not have all of the answers, but I WILL help you find and apply them


Yes I do have my own issues, but I WILL NOT leave you alone

Yes I have wanted to walk away from life, but I WILL NOT hurt the ones who love me

Yes I’ve had trouble in the past reaching out, but life is always easier to mend when I do


Things may not get better right away but please understand that your misery will not last forever; it is not your destiny.


You owe it to yourself to:

love and be loved

appreciate YOUR life

bask in peacefulness

maintain a healthy spiritual balance


Things will not always work out the way you want them to but when you fall, get back up, create a new plan and move forward.


Much peace and many blessings…


SNS 08/30/12 ©


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Will You Ever Smile Again?

Dearest Jabari,

Your eyes tell me that you are still battling demons

Your tight lips and constantly clenched jaws tell me you are only trying to appear calm

Your distance tells me you are still not sure the people who DO care will be enough

Your blank gaze tells me you still want what no longer serves you

Your body language tells me your peace is still elusive


Will you ever smile again?

Love and peace awaits you but you continue to block them out

Your heart wants what it wants but it’s not what’s best for you

Your intuition will never steer you wrong; stop ignoring it


I wish I could take your pain away and give you the blessing of peace

Unfortunately this is a journey you must walk alone but I am here if you need me

My love for you is unconditional; proven time and time again

May clarity and peace reach you soon…it would be shameful to deprive the world of your greatness.


Loving you always…SNS 08/18/12

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Please rescue me from the world’s despair

Please wash away the pain I’ve endured throughout the years

Please hold me tight and protect me from those who wish to harm me

Please help me believe that I am stronger than I feel during tough times

Please help me keep the light glowing within my spirit

Please support me when I am weak and stand by me when I am strong

Please love me unconditionally; I am not perfect but I will return your love

Please listen to me; try to feel what I feel so you can help me claim a resolution

I’ve been a strong, independent survivor all my life; it’s time for me to stop walking alone. My heart will become unshielded for one who proves worthy; not one who jumps through hoops, just a genuinely compassionate spirit.

SNS 08/16/12

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I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned to reflect and find strength from within

I’ve learned to share parts of me that will not leave me vulnerable

I’ve learned to remove negative people from my life…they’ve lost the privilege

I’ve learned that solid relationships cannot be sustained by me alone

I’ve learned that everyone will not feel as deeply as I do

I’ve learned that I do not “fit in”; it’s really what makes me who I am

I’ve learned to trust my intuition implicitly because it has never led me down a wrong path

I’ve learned patience and spirituality which helps me make genuine connections

I’ve learned to no longer hold myself to high standards while accepting less from others

I’ve learned that your opinion of me belongs to you; I will not accept it…good or bad

I’ve learned that I cannot lead unless I am balanced mind, body and spirit

I’ve learned to embrace and appreciate all that living life has to offer


Once afraid of being AUTHENTICALLY me, now I love who I am and those who want to love me will accept me as I am.

SNS 08/2012