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You are never alone…


No I cannot walk in your shoes, but I WILL walk beside you

No I cannot understand the depth of your hurt, but I WILL help you through it

No I do not have all of the answers, but I WILL help you find and apply them


Yes I do have my own issues, but I WILL NOT leave you alone

Yes I have wanted to walk away from life, but I WILL NOT hurt the ones who love me

Yes I’ve had trouble in the past reaching out, but life is always easier to mend when I do


Things may not get better right away but please understand that your misery will not last forever; it is not your destiny.


You owe it to yourself to:

love and be loved

appreciate YOUR life

bask in peacefulness

maintain a healthy spiritual balance


Things will not always work out the way you want them to but when you fall, get back up, create a new plan and move forward.


Much peace and many blessings…


SNS 08/30/12 ©



Free spirit; fiercely loyal and undeniably passionate...

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