Unity has no boundaries…

HONESTY, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, INTELLIGENCE, ACCOMPLISHMENT, AUTHENTICITY, INTEGRITY…these characteristics are not exclusive to any race, gender, religion etc. They are however what we need more of in our world. Where do you fit in???

I’m not a fan of having one person in charge of everything that is but I can’t change that process…well for now. I have never cared about race, religion, sexuality or anything else society uses to label each person. I DO care about making our world a better place and will continue to do my part. It saddens me that the presidential election for many became about the physical appearance of each candidate rather than the issues that were and still are at hand and what solutions each offered. I’m not sure which is capable of bringing our country to a better place but I’m intelligent enough to know that the color of their skin will not be a determining factor. The real questions is: What are YOU willing to do to make our world a better place?

~My Two Cents


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