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Letting go…

I’m strong, I do my best to be righteous, and I am empathetic to a fault. I remind myself each day to maintain positive thoughts, to find the bright spot in everything no matter what and no matter what someone does to me, I don’t wish for anything bad to happen to them.

None of this seems to comfort me when someone attacks my character…WHO I TRULY AM. It should not bother me I know…what’s inside of me is all that matters right? Yes! Yes a million times but it stings… doesn’t hurt but it stings. Initially I wanted to correct the wrong, repair the damage that may have been done, even prove that I am not who this person claims I am. My chest was pounding, felt sharp pains in my heart and tears were on the brink of falling. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs…maybe that would help me resolve this in my mind. As I began writing this…I realized just how insignificant the spiteful character assassinator and the information receiver really are. How they do not serve any purpose in my life; they cannot stop the great things in store for me nor can they make me doubt WHO I am. Sometimes you just need to let it out to move on.

I must admit to being a bit disappointed with myself for letting this bother me even a little. I have so many wonderful people in my life and so many great things are unfolding for me. I will soon be rid of the two biggest stressors I’ve allowed to control my life the past few years…a new beginning should be my only focus! I must be forgiving of myself; I must not allow this to dwell inside of me. Once I click “post” I will be rid of this “almost” misery and I will NOT look back. My breath is deeper as I type, a small smile has crossed my lips and the pains in my chest and head have gone away. Writing has always been my chosen tool of expression and it has never failed me…just as my intuition (even when ignored) never steers me wrong.

If you have taken time to read this I’m sure you have a similar story; I would love to read your story if you are willing to share. I think it’s important for each of us to understand we are NEVER alone…it makes this life much easier to travel through.

Love, Peace and many Blessings…

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Flow of Love…

What is meant to be together will flow harmoniously together with very little effort…

A HEALTHY, HAPPY & LOVING relationship is NOT like a job! You do NOT have to work at it tirelessly each day. If you are currently in a relationship of any kind and you are working hard to keep it together…it’s definitely time to reevaluate.

Nurturing relationships build you up; inside and out

When your strength is depleted, your partner will lend their’s without hesitation

You will NOT work hard to maintain a spark; the flame will be eternal

Trust will be synonymous with faith and worthiness

Love should be more than just another word in the dictionary. Love encompasses how you feel internally and how you extend this feeling to others (compassion, empathy, kindness etc.).

Take time to identify your wants, your needs and what will truly make you happy. Once resolved, you will attract someone worthy who will join and enhance your flow…

Love, Peace & Blessings…

Resonant Moon Day 7



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Is It…

Is it wrong to yearn for you to love me like you’ve never loved anyone else?

Is it unacceptable for me to want you to be attentive, honest and loyal at all costs?

Is it unconventional to believe that we can create many “first time” experiences together even though we’ve both been in love before?


Is it inappropriate for my heart to swell and tip over with unconditional love for you?

Is it crazy that your beautiful smile and tenderness of your voice send chills and heat throughout my body simultaneously?

Is it perverse wishing for you to love me…just a bit more than I love you?

Is it silly to expect you will not bring your past into our present?

Most of all…is it ludicrous that I feel so much for you yet I am still unsure about letting you in?

SNS 01/04/13