He Stirs My Soul…

His breath touches my neck and chills peak throughout my body

His hands touch my skin and his heat connecting with mine creates an intense fire

His mouth finds my most sensitive, secret places and each immediately surrenders

His intention to please me inside and out creates an unmatched passion between us

We are connected mind, body and soul; no space for intruders

We travel in and out of consciousness; deep moans, deep strokes, soft nibbles

We stop for a moment and search each other’s eyes; our wordless love language

We agree to make the finale beyond memorable; this feeling will reverberate time and time again with just a     thought

We hold on tight for fear of losing control or not reaching the pinnacle as one body, one soul; we must climax as    one

Fireworks burst around us; breathing is fervent yet our heartbeat remains in sync

Our bodies become limp and we calm with a gentle kiss

We remain entwined…why let go

He stirs my soul near or far; his passion is overwhelming and never leaves my soul.









SNS 02/23/13


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