Affirmation 04/03/13 YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday

Sensual Mystiq Vibe

ducks determination





No problem is ever bigger than your happiness! All lessons are great building tools…take what you need and move on.

It’s fine to fall down but most important to pick yourself up and try again; perhaps a different approach will bring successful results.

child determination





May your YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday be filled with self-love and determination.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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One comment

  1. Hello SereneNSassy,
    You should always make sure that home base is in order and never burn bridges in which you know are vital. If you know there’s an opportunity brewing, stay on the path, don’t veer off. Life is filled with marvelous people accompanied by splendiferous ideas and notions that may be just what you were looking for.
    Not sure if this is what you would lije me to do or more. Just let me know, always a pleasure.


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