Healthy Hair Oil

Keeping your hair healthy is crucial especially during the midst of changing seasons. Check out this post by Sensual Mystiq…

Sensual Mystiq Vibe

Here is a picture of the herbal base used to create Sensual Mystiq’s healthy hair oil. Healthy Hair Oil is great for all hair types. Each oil is customize using this base but depending on your hair type, I will choose additional ingredients to achieve your desired outcome.

Healthy Hair Herbs 314 X 204

Along with using nourishing hair care Delights, it is important that you maintain:

Maintain a healthy diet

Drink plenty of water (at least six (6) to eight (8) 8 oz. glasses each day

Make time to relax and get plenty of rest

Refrain from using heating appliances on your hair as much as possible; allow your hair to air dry naturally

If you use rollers, be sure to use end papers to avoid stressing ends of your hair

Have your hair trimmed every six (6) to eight (8) weeks

Remember if you want healthy hair, you will have to do your part…

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