Off the Cuff with Syd 05/08/13

Syd’s top ten ways to satisfy your partner sexually, emotionally and intellectually.

#10 Read a f&*^ing book sometimes expand your mind. Intellectual stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation if not more; besides being dumb isn’t sexy.
#9 Don’t be selfish. You can’t satisfy anyone if you only think about yourself. Eventually you’ll end up having selfish sex with yourself. That sh&t can’t be fun.
#8 Don’t be an emotional pain in the ass. Some people are emotional, we understand shit happens. But all the time?! You can’t let your emotions run your life and maybe even ruin your relationship.
Happy Couple#7 Space…It ain’t just for moons and stars and astronauts. Everybody needs time for their self.
#6 Laughter and fun. This should be self-explanatory. If you can’t laugh and have fun with the one you’re with then DAMN!
#5 Know your partner. I mean some people are go hard freaks some are real conservative and some fall in the middle. If you don’t your partner how can you satisfy them?
#4 Don’t play it out. Believe it or not sex can get played out doing it every night sh^t start hurting you get skin burns. It can go from being fun to being a job. Sometimes less is more.
#3 This could be part of #4 Keep it interesting new and fresh. Try some new sh^t. Watch a movie get some toys, oils, dress up, roll play whatever. You gotta mix it up. It’s not about having the same meal every night. It’s about having the same meal prepared the same way every night that gets to you. You have to be open-minded and willing to try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Hell you never know what may turn you on.
#2 Believe it or not sex isn’t everything. You can’t build a relationship solely on sex. It’s hard having good sex in a bad relationship. It’s even harder having sex with someone you hate. Working on your relationship outside the bedroom will help immensely in the bed room.
#1 Communication is key; not just talking but listening and understanding.  Without it you have no relationship at all.

You must be able to share your dreams opinions your fantasies and fetishes with each other without fear of judgment or prejudice. Being able to do so will allow y’all to grow not only sexually but emotionally.

Please share your thoughts and as always, Love, Peace & Blessings…


    • Hey there my friend. I’ve been recovering from oral surgery so I’ve been in and out. I hope all is well and you are writing and inspiring! Today was my best day in about two weeks! Thanks for checking in with me. 🙂


      • My gosh, oral surgery can really be painful to recover from! I’ll blow you a get well kiss, (for the cheek), of course!

        You continue to feel better and get back to writing again yourself, little lady! Miss your stuff…

        Be good,


      • Just feel better, my dear. I’ll look forward to reading you very soon, Ayana…(pretty name)!



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