1. Aw, that Superbug that invades our souls. It takes hold and won’t be satisfied until it consumes its prey. Once bitten, there is no cure. And what may be worse…we don’t look for one. The Superbug that drives us to write…

    We know this, you and I and all who express ourselves on these pages. We all dance the same dance, just to different music. So be creative and be helpful, both to us and to yourself.



    • Your words are inspirational. I really appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts. It’s amazing to connect with someone who is not afraid to express their feeling creatively. Thank you Jeff; you make this all worth while. 🙂


      • As do you, my dear. It is obvious you live what you proclaim to your readers, be open and honest about what’s in your soul, and don’t hide it from yourself or others.

        Writing is one of the greatest vehicles to share these things with others and encourage them to open themselves up as well.

        Stay Sassy…we’ll talk again soon.



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