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What the hell was I thinking?!?

I was so sure I wanted to be a freelance writer so I began looking for gigs; even landed a few. I love a challenge, never have a problem adhering to deadlines and I have no greater love than writing so this should have been a piece of cake right? WRONG! Writing as a “job” sucks! Their rules, their topics, their deadlines; writing as a “job” is regimented and I write when my spirit is touched…what I feel. I don’t feel something I can put into words every day and I certainly don’t feel anything about a topic someone else chooses. Seems I forgot that in school I always protested against paper topics chosen by my teachers/professors and often talked them into giving me a chance to meet their standards writing about something that resonated with me. While I wasn’t always successful making them see things my way…I am proud to say that most times I was allowed to write “my way”.

write from your heartSo what made me think I could write for someone else years later…perhaps feeling a desperate need to build readership? Lesson learned…anything done out of desperation almost never turns out the way you “need” it to! Make no mistake, I am not bitter because I was rejected; on the contrary the writing pieces I’ve submitted were well received but freelance writing is just not for me. I’d rather write from my heart, write about what stirs my spirit and have readers who can relate to or at least feel what I am writing. I love writing because it is the purest form of expression for an introvert like me; how can I ever let someone dictate what I write about?

Follow your passion…something I believe in completely so I’ve decided to publish a novel I’ve been writing for the past few years. I will also continue to write poetic verses and share empowering posts. I am in control and I will become as successful as I wish to be. I am confident and will be true to my craft so enjoy my words or keep it moving…

To everyone taking time to read my words and/or share your thoughts…please know that I genuinely appreciate you!

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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  1. Redo You Project says

    We are SOOO alike in this way. I began writing for a “content” publishing group. Their topics, their deadlines, their rules, and it was “produce, produce, and produce some more!” I burned out in a year!

    I write when, where, and how I like. It hasn’t always paid off in terms of big bucks, but it is they way my creative soul works. I’ll never be as rich or famous as some great writers, but neither will so many other writers!

    Besides, I like the other “perks” such as writing to help and encourage others in whatever ways I can. I know you are the same way…

    A great and informative post…good job!

    Jeff 🙂


    • Yes yes yes! I knew if anyone could relate it would be you my friend!
      Thank you as always for reading and sharing your thoughts. 🙂


      • Redo You Project says

        You bet, little lady! I guess our song would probably be “I did it my way…”

        How are you today? Looked for your comment and finally you had time to visit. So glad you did. Let’s talk a bit when you have time.

        Meanwhile, stay upbeat…put a smile on that face! Talk to you later.

        Jeff 🙂


      • Yesterday was a bit “dark” for me but today has started off bright and and I am hopeful. Ready to learn, share and evolve. Getting ready to post a question close to my heart and I hope others will share their thoughts because I think many people struggle with the same issue. Wishing you a most peaceful and productive day my friend.


      • Redo You Project says

        Good for you, Sassy! Post that idea you have planned and if it is as good as the last one you did, I may try to RB it for my readers.

        Remember this: “You don’t always have to roll with the punches, sometimes you need to throw them!”

        Resolve to be the master of your thoughts and feelings today!

        Your friend,
        Jeff 🙂


      • Redo You Project says

        Always here for you! You never know, I may need to lean on you one of these days. I know you’ll be there to help.

        That’s the great thing about friendship…



      • Redo You Project says

        No, we are just the same kinds of people in many ways. One of those ways is caring a lot about good and sincere people who care about you!

        Thant’s what I see in you and thank you for being a person like that…

        Jeff 🙂


    • Thank you for helping me realize that I am not so crazy after all! hahahahaha It makes sense right? If writing comes from your heart…how can someone dictate what you write? It’s not possible so we will continue to write and those who can relate will read and share with us. Simple as pie. 🙂


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