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Happy FAB Friday 06/28/13

I began this day opening and aligning my Chakras to ensure peace and balance throughout my day.

balancing chakras







What tools do you use to make sure your day is peaceful so you can accomplish your personal/professional goals?

It’s so important to have something meaningful to YOU that you can use to help you restore balance should you lose it. Something that comes from within yourself that can calm your nerves and restore your energy so you can re-focus and move forward.

It can be anything at all; there are no guidelines. Take a moment to think of something you can use (it doesn’t have to physical) to help you release what does not serve your highest purpose and will return you to a peaceful state.

restoring personal inner peace






Share your thoughts; perhaps there are others who need your guidance. 🙂

Love, Peace & Blessings…




  1. Five Quick Minutes says

    Short, to the point message of value! As I have said, there are motivations for each of us and they come from many different sources. It’s important to maintain a healthy flow or balance in our minds and bodies. Good post!

    Have a great day,


    • Thank you! I struggled so much in the past having good days but feeling like there were many more not so good days. Once you change your way of thinking and purge things that no longer serve your greatest purpose…balance and peace become innate.

      Thank you again for visiting and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      Wishing you a wonderfully, peaceful weekend.


      • Five Quick Minutes says

        I often still fall into the “blues” mindset…I get mad, feel hopeless, etc. But we all do that.

        The idea is to work to a point where that frame of mind happens less and less often. The practice of replacing bad thoughts with good ones takes a long bit of practice, but we must go on in that work.

        Fight the good fight…have a super great day and weekend!



      • So true. Today is “one of those days for me” but I refuse to let “it” consume me. I am focusing on what I can do to keep peace and clarity and so far I am happy to report I am winning. hahahahaha
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and everyone who stops by. 🙂

        Take care…


      • Five Quick Minutes says

        That is my pleasure in life…to help others to feel better in some way. God gave me this gift, and only now am I finding a way to use it much more often.

        Funny, I get back from everyone who reads and comments as much as I give…and more!

        Thank you for reading today, and I’m glad you are winning out over the blues! Keep slugging it in the mouth…

        Smile, it helps a lot.


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