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I’ve always been in love with the pure idea of love.  My thoughts of love are not created from fairy tales, instead they are based on how I believe two people should feel when they are in love. I’ve had relationships that were good but there was a distinct difference when I was in love; I knew it was love the moment I felt it. There is no other feeling that can match love. You don’t have to wonder, you don’t have to try hard and you certainly don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

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Love IS…

  • Remaining authentically you even though you are becoming one with another being
  • Feeling secure and safe within and with the person you are sharing your life with
  • Inspiring, encouraging and uplifting
  • Sharing your strength when your mate is less than strong
  • Love is unconditional; accepting your mate simply as they are

It's Not Love Its Pain






Love is NOT…

  • Changing who you are to please your mate
  • Feeling insecure or unsafe; desperate or resentful
  • Demeaning your mate; verbally or physically abusive
  • Selfish or unsupportive
  • Expectations or compromise

Before now I would have never given connecting with people online a second thought! I’ve always believed connecting, truly connecting with someone had to be an organic experience; there would be some kind of energy that would draw people together. I’ve learned that energy connecting people is omnipresent; whether right next to you or miles away if you are meant to connect it will happen.

Thanks to the internet we can connect with people we normally would never come into contact with. The internet affords us a great way to find potential mates who share our interests, values and possibly our personal/professional goals. Possibilities are limitless when you are open to letting the chips fall where they may. In a fast paced world of control and assimilation, true love seems obsolete but I can assure you it still exists. Keep your heart open, your thoughts pure and you will attract the love you are worthy of.


Love, Peace & Blessings…

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Embracing Yourself

Facing YourselfAre you afraid to be YOU? I mean have you been afraid to be accepted for who you truly are? Do you find yourself trying to “fit in” yet you’ve never felt more out of place? You are not alone! Instead of accepting our unique qualities we often try to assimilate into society because we fear being judged and/or unloved.

I’ve been there for many years; miserable feeling as though I was trapped in a box clawing my way out unsuccessfully. I’ve been depressed, angry, and sad but could not identify my “issue”. I ASSumed that I’d embraced being “different”; I ASSumed I was just fine with it because I never wanted to be like everyone else anyway. It wasn’t until recently I realized just how “different” I’ve always been but how sad I’ve been because I did not understand why; I only knew I felt as though I did not belong…anywhere.

I met a Beautiful Spirit a few months ago who saw in me what I’ve never been able to see. She reached out to me but never pressured me to respond and she refused to give up on me even though I did not return her calls or attend events she invited me to. It’s not that I did not want to, I was stuck and did not want to venture out, risk being judged or end up in yet another uncomfortable situation. I knew she was a Beautiful Spirit but my mind ASSumed she could not really be interested in me as a person and perhaps there was an ulterior motive like the others…

On a day I was feeling terribly anxious, this Beautiful Spirit called and invited me to a class she was teaching. She did not pressure me but mentioned she would love to see me again. I thought of blowing it off (unfortunately it’s what I do when I am anxious) but my spirit was drawn to visit with her. Her class turned out to be such an amazing spiritual experience. She knew I had been “suffering” and she reached out to help me; without me asking. It’s seems like an eternity since I’ve known someone I can feel “safe” with; she is an amazing Beautiful Spirit. She is teaching me that being different is not a curse; it’s a gift.

Loving yourself inside outI had not realized before now that being a highly sensitive person who is extremely empathetic could be a gift. Now I use my “gifts” to help others know they are not alone and gently nudge them to “find their way”. It’s an amazing feeling to help so many people who simply need understanding and support. I state emphatically that I work on maintaining love for myself so that I can continue to help others. Without self-love I could never help others and I did not understand this before I connected with this Beautiful Spirit.

Love yourself, be authentically who you are and most of all…erase the negative thoughts and feelings you have previously allowed others to bestow upon you. You are never alone but you must learn the difference between who is here to assist you during your journey and who may be here to set up roadblocks. Open your heart and open your mind to the infinite possibilities that await you…happiness and peace.


Love, Peace & Blessings…