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Intimacy and You…

The act of intercourse has never been the best part for me. Feeling him, knowing every part of his body inside and out, knowing his heart and him knowing mine having him appreciate the dip of my back, the softness of my touch…those are things I have always been in tune with. A step further…the stares, sounds and how each notices something new about the other each time; afterwards they inhale the scent created that belongs only to them. I admire his inhale and exhale and falling more in love with him as the moments tick by; he watches me sleep wondering how I’ve captured his heart; his soul. He wants to be inside of me not sexually but inside of my very soul because it feels like home to him.

I estimate that 98% of the human race will never experience intimacy. Most cannot accurately define intimacy (although the definition is subjective); where it begins, can it expand, can it be created with anyone or is it person specific?

Where does intimacy begin? Intimacy begins within; loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. Learning to listen to your spirit and give it what it needs without question. Knowing who you are authentically will enable you to attract your soul-mate; one with whom you will experience intimacy with.

Can intimacy expand? Yes intimacy expands when you experience it with your soul-mate; someone who is on the same spiritual level as you; someone who knows and allows their spirit to guide them. Intimacy is not relegated to words or actions; greatest parts of intimacy are knowing, feeling and simply being…experiencing each moment.

Intimacy has different levels and is person specific. I believe that levels of intimacy cannot be duplicated; what you share with one being will never mirror what you share with another. For example I share an intimate connection with my son; I can especially feel when something is “not right” with him even if I cannot identify the issue. This intuitive connection with my son seems stronger when we are apart. He often asks how I know things about him and my answer is simply, “With you, it’s my business to know.” Even if I had another child, the intimate connection between us would be different from the one I have with my son; no more, no less just unique. Levels of intimacy can also be applied to your parental connections, romantic connections, friendships etc.

spiritaul connection

Some of us feel more deeply than others and may experience fewer connections of intimacy. Long before I understood who I am and the idea of everything and everyone being connected, I often wondered why I did not have someone in my life I could turn to without hesitation. Why no one seemed to understand me or stick around long enough for me to share a profound closeness with. Sure I’ve had a few close friends and a few good romantic relationships but years later there is no one I feel close enough to reveal my authentic self to without fear of judgment or feeling as though they just don’t get who I am.

Knowing intimacy yet not having an opportunity to experience it is quite disheartening but I’m unwilling to settle for less than what will nourish my spirit. If the relationship is not one of unconditional love, acceptance and knowing then I will not waste my time; sounds a bit arrogant…perhaps, but I’ve spent most of my life settling; making a habit of not doing much to fulfill my deepest feelings and desires. If I never experience another intimate connection, I will find comfort in knowing that I was finally true to my authentic self.

 I’d love to know how you define intimacy so please share your thoughts. I don’t have all of the answers and I am always willing to learn.

As always wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…

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It’s Always Been About You…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

Be sure to honor yourself today and each day. Today’s affirmation…

I embrace all of me despite who “they” think I should be.

It’s never been about anyone else; it’s always been about you. Be who you are and love every moment of being who you are. You are not a puppet so why should you fulfil their belief of who you are?

Your authentic self is your highest self and this is the only way you should be.

On this TURN IT UP Thursday, rise up and be the beautiful, unique being the Universe created you to be.

Love, Peace & Courage…


authentic self


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Happy Birthday…Today’s Affirmation

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits and Happy Birthday to you all!

Today’s affirmation is about being grateful even if you are experiencing internal chaos…

Today I’ve been born again; given another opportunity to learn, to live, to experience life and make my dreams come true.

Each day you awaken is another day to create the life you imagine; a life that will make you whole. Yesterday should never be allowed to affect today; today should never be allowed to affect tomorrow. Today is for you to create a better you, vivid experiences and taking you many steps closer to accomplishing your personal goals.

Today I’ve been born again; given another opportunity to learn, to live, to experience life and make my dreams come true.

Wishing you Love, Peace & great Courage…

pheonix rising

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Today’s Affirmation 09/16/13

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

Today’s affirmation is light yet heavy; simple yet complicated:

I open myself to giving and receiving love. Love is kindness, compassion and truthful.

Love comes in many forms but it always feels good, helps you grow and inspires you to live more.

Love is never hurtful, sacrificing oneself or something you have to question.

Begin your knowing of love by loving and honoring yourself completely and unconditionally. Only then will you be able to truly love someone else.

I love listen and respect me


Wishing you great Love, Peace & Blessings on this Motivational Monday.


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Intimate Connections…

How do you experience love-making with an introverted yet passionate woman? How do you open her to limitless possibilities? How do you delve deep inside of her mind, body and soul? How will you unlock the hidden chambers of her essence? How do you make her feel safe on your embrace?

She doesn’t have to see, she feels…profoundly

Every touch is intensified by her connection to you

Every sound vibrates through her body increasing her pleasure

Every taste and every scent of yours fills her; she wants to know all of you

She is focused on pleasing every part of you; it makes you pleasing her possible

She admires how you make her feel; how you open her completely

She adores how you are the only piece to her puzzle; the only fit

soul to soul

Together you create fire unseen unmatched untainted…

Together you reach heights beyond anything ever imagined

Together you lose track of time and space; these moments are mystical

You never believed love could be so encompassing; such an organic connection

You never knew two souls from different wombs could ever make each other whole

You never expected her to reveal her heart but you were determined; successful

Two bodies, two hearts…one soul.