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Intimate Connections…

How do you experience love-making with an introverted yet passionate woman? How do you open her to limitless possibilities? How do you delve deep inside of her mind, body and soul? How will you unlock the hidden chambers of her essence? How do you make her feel safe on your embrace?

She doesn’t have to see, she feels…profoundly

Every touch is intensified by her connection to you

Every sound vibrates through her body increasing her pleasure

Every taste and every scent of yours fills her; she wants to know all of you

She is focused on pleasing every part of you; it makes you pleasing her possible

She admires how you make her feel; how you open her completely

She adores how you are the only piece to her puzzle; the only fit

soul to soul

Together you create fire unseen unmatched untainted…

Together you reach heights beyond anything ever imagined

Together you lose track of time and space; these moments are mystical

You never believed love could be so encompassing; such an organic connection

You never knew two souls from different wombs could ever make each other whole

You never expected her to reveal her heart but you were determined; successful

Two bodies, two hearts…one soul.

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