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Today’s Affirmation 09/16/13

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

Today’s affirmation is light yet heavy; simple yet complicated:

I open myself to giving and receiving love. Love is kindness, compassion and truthful.

Love comes in many forms but it always feels good, helps you grow and inspires you to live more.

Love is never hurtful, sacrificing oneself or something you have to question.

Begin your knowing of love by loving and honoring yourself completely and unconditionally. Only then will you be able to truly love someone else.

I love listen and respect me


Wishing you great Love, Peace & Blessings on this Motivational Monday.


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SereneNSassySoul™️ is a practice focusing on Whole Health, Mind, Body, Heat & Soul. My specialty is assisting You with re-connecting to the deepest parts of Your Heart & Soul to live the very best life You were born to live. Together, we will create a plan to easily integrate within your current lifestyle using Herbs, Essential Oils, Journaling and Energy Healing.


    • Your words are true but from experience I can state that it gets easier to feel, to experience, to see and best of all to do. Once you are there, you will never let it go.


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