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Music through my eyes…

Music is Wonderful...

Dear Jazz,

You are my first love and gave birth to all other music. You’ve always made me feel…passionately and creatively. Your musicians and their instruments continue to woo me and I love the way they make me feel. I appreciate your authenticity; always staying true to what you are no matter how others feel you should change. For you it’s never been about the money or commercial appeal; it’s always been and remains about beautiful music.

Loving you always and forever…

Dear Blues and Country,

Thank you for giving us great music we can release our sadness into and be uplifted in the very next moment. “They” have tried to change you but we are so thankful that you’ve stayed true to what you are…beautiful, soulful and distinctive.

Loving you always…

Dear Hip Hop,

Thank you for your messages; you’ve made us think and want more than just what society thinks we deserve. Thank you for making skills for the art a requirement; thank you for the flow and the rhythms we’ve enjoyed for decades. You’ve also stayed authentic blessing us with artist delivering meaningful words, poetic verses and individuality. Keep pushing the boundaries and never let anyone dictate what you should be.

Loving you always…

Dear Rock & Roll,

I love you because you have always allowed everyone to be exactly who they are! Your music always has versatility and there is something for everyone to enjoy. You keep instruments deeply entwined in your music and that will always keep me coming back for more.

Loving you always…

Dear Classical,

When it’s time to get things done…you increase my focus. I love your highs and lows and you’ve always stayed true to what you are; thank you.

Loving you always…

Dear Rhythm & Blues,

I’m disappointed in what you’ve become. You used to make us want to fall in love and experience beautiful things…yes even sexual intimacy. You boasted some of the greatest talent ever to grace the music industry. Now you are only about degrading lyrics extinguishing authentic intimacy and creating cultural disrespect of mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends.

Truly disenchanted! 

Dear Rap,

Please fall into the ocean and don’t bother to come up for air! I’m so over your negative messages, lack of talent, wait did I mention…LACK OF TALENT?! Where are your writers, producer, musicians or individuals not afraid to be true to themselves and what they consider to be their art? *crickets* I’m tired of people confusing you with Hip Hop…absolutely no relation; more like a genetically modified version sucking the life out of true artists. You are synonymous with an unattended septic tank.

Absolutely disgusted! 

Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul


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Warding off Cold/Flu Germs

Naturally warding off cold/flu germs…

Sensual Mystiq Vibe

Good Afternoon Treasures!

I visited a friend this weekend and did not knowing she was sick until I got there. She was conscientiously careful but we all know sneezes and such travel quickly and great distances. 

During my ride home I began feeling a bit of discomfort in my throat, my sinuses became uncooperative and I began coughing. Surely I don’t have time to be sick so when I got home I decided to head off the pesky germs. Below is a great recipe for deterring cold/flu germs and bacteria.

2 TBSP Nettles

2 TBSP ElderberriesCold and Flu Ward-off Blend

2 TBSP Red Clover

1 TBSP Slipper Elm Bark

1 TBSP Astragalus Root

I added three tablespoons of this blend to my 16 oz tea press along with

2 Fresh Garlic Cloves

11/2 inches Fresh Ginger Root

I let the mixture steep for about 20 minutes. Before pouring into my cup I added a teaspoon…

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He is NOW…

His hands protect and comfort 

Your hands abused and instilled fear

 His words encourage and inspire

Your words degraded and wounded

 His heart is loving and loyal

Your heart…cold and deceitful Brown Love

 His eyes are kind and soulful

Your eyes…distant and unfocused

 He is confident and thoughtful

You…insecure and selfish

 He listens and is supportive 

You…spiteful and jealous

 He stirs my mind and my soul

You…dismissed my intelligence and suppressed my joy

 His smile exposes his profound love for me

Your scowl revealed undeserved hatred

 He and I are NOW…deeply and spiritually connected in ways words cannot explain.

You…past and where you belong…yesterday!

Yesterday cannot define or touch what is NOW…


12/22/2013 © SereneNSassy Soul

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Relax, Release & Restore…

Beautiful Spirits,
It’s time to make sure you are taking great care of yourself. Check out these quick tips…

Sensual Mystiq Vibe

Good Morning and Happy YOU ARE Worthy Wednesday!

A peaceful being makes the very best choices to ensure personal peace and contentment. If you just slow down a bit and breathe…clarity will become yours; better decisions, no more settling for whatever or whoever.  Pamper and nurture yourself; there is no acceptable excuse for neglecting yourself.

Here are some simple ways to be good to yourself…

Quick Sunrise Meditation Woman Meditating

  • Find a quiet space and sit in a comfortable position, making sure your back is straight but your body is completely relaxed.
  • Softly close your eyes and listen to the silence.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose and hold for four (4) seconds. Exhale through your mouth pushing out any negative thoughts/feelings.
  • Repeat inhale and exhale at least seven (7) times.
  • When you’re done, sit quietly for a while and allow thoughts to come and go without focusing on them.
  • When you feel…

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