Facing Yourself

Facing myself is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. It requires complete openness and honesty; seeing things that are beautiful and things that are not so appealing. If you would have told me before now that I did not love and accept myself completely, I would have called you a bold-faced liar! Funny thing about facing yourself…you can’t hide or choose to see only what may feel good; you have to deal with everything.

This ongoing journey of facing myself has provided healing and clarity but also grief and frustration. No matter how troublesome at times, this journey is essential for me to grow and fulfill my divine purpose. The most uncomfortable periods have afforded closure and ability to move forward. Moving forward has often given me trouble because I HAD a terrible habit of not being able to let things go…yes even when it was clear that I should. Letting go is something that most people struggle with so I guess I’m human after all.

Blaming others for my unhappiness because they did not love me the way I expected or because they disappointed me in some way…some of my most toxic behavior. People who love us do so the only way they know how to which may not be as passionately as we love them but it’s love nonetheless; another tidbit unfamiliar to me prior to my journey.

Facing Yourself

I now know my worth and I trust myself implicitly but I recognize that I still have ways to go… I’m not afraid to share parts of myself with others; I’m no longer hiding behind my words…HUGE step for me! I am finally free to live my life as I see fit; just wish it didn’t take becoming sick with anxiety and depression to realize I was only going through the motions.

It’s never too late to begin your journey; never too late to fulfill your divine purpose.


My FAITH is strong

I’m going with the FLOW

Wishing you great Love, Peace and many Blessings during your journey.

SereneNSassy Soul

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