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My Vibe on “Loyal”

My Vibe on “Loyal” so the individual questions can cease…

Loyalty 1Let’s be clear, loyalty is a two-way street much like respect and must be earned. Loyalty is not simple as people treating you as you think you deserve to be treated nor is it simple as someone keeping your deepest, darkest secrets. Loyalty is a feeling of commitment, worthiness, reverence and love. Loyalty is not something you bestow upon just anyone; your heart and spirit decide who is worthy of your loyalty. If you give someone your loyalty despite your intuition about them…the fault is yours alone.

It’s ok to be angry (for a short while) due to the results of personal choices you’ve made; it’s NOT ok to seemingly belittle an entire gender because you’re angry. Perhaps identifying the reason behind your choices, addressing and resolving them, then doing everything in your power to make sure you don’t make the same choices again will be a better use of your time.

If there is a characteristic you loathe about someone (i.e. emotional weakness) it almost always leads to a mirror image of the same within yourself; check yourself!


This is not a personal attack of anyone; Hip Hop lyrics are a direct reflection of what society has settled for and has decided to allow. Demand quality and music that makes you feel good will be created and presented to you. Never doubt that people treat you exactly how you allow them to; teach them to treat you well.

Loyalty 2

Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul

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Lost and Found

Transformation…highs and lows; peace and chaos

Who I was before now is not who I am meant to be

Past life is fading fast; I can barely recall it now

Released from what was; thrust into what is

Feeling is indescribable but the difference is extreme; no longer subtle as it was when I began this journey

No expectations; acceptance and knowing

Actively present as it all unfoldsFinding Yourself

Previously unaware of where I belonged; now my existence is apparent

Purpose is clear as I journey to fulfill what has been carved out for me

I listen as quiet calm consumes me; chaos dissipates

Fear is expelled; courage is evident throughout my spirit, my heart and my mind

My thoughts and feelings are my own; uninfluenced by another

Peace has settled within and I will fiercely battle anything that tries to take it away from me

I was once so very lost; now I am where I’ve always needed to be…

© SereneNSassySoul  2014