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Disturbing the Peace

It’s so hurtful to be in touch with someone who is unwilling to relate to anything you feel or say simply because their personal beliefs are different from yours. It’s an awful feeling making an effort to communicate with someone whose beliefs are not your own yet you listen to them compassionately but do not receive the same in return. Even worse…the person you are trying to communicate with claims to love you yet their actions are contrary.

Just finishing up a call compelled me to write this in an effort to relieve the pain spreading throughout my chest; it hurts each time I speak with them or when I am in their presence. My throat is also sore because I had to suppress my voice as it was evident they did not want to hear much of what I had to say. I mostly listened to their thoughts/feelings; there was dead silence when I attempted to share my thoughts/feelings.

I don’t need for anyone to be just like me or understand who I am; I do expect them to respect who I am and offer love and support if they plan to remain in my life. I’m done making excuses and trying to determine why people behave as they do and why they seemingly refuse to accept others without judgment. I am not perfect but I do not judge or dislike people based on my feelings or beliefs; if you’re kind and respect me I offer the same to you.

I mostly agree with the Law of Attraction but honestly there are some things I just cannot agree with. While I have experienced not liking certain traits in others because they were the same traits I did not like within (unknowingly until recently) I cannot agree that in each case I have somehow attracted these people into my life. Some people were brought into my life in ways out of my control (i.e. biological family members, co-workers, neighbors) and it’s not always in my best interest to keep them as part of my life. If someone who is a biological family member is not respectful of my thoughts/feelings, should I feel obligated to continue a relationship with them? No!

I’ve been through too much that I had to deal with on my own and I’ve come too far to allow anyone to disturb my peace. While I continued to hold certain biological family members and/or “friends” in high regard because I thought it was the “right” thing to do, I am no longer willing to sacrifice any part of myself. I will never again give away my inner peace for anyone or anything; it’s just not worth it. I love and accept myself unconditionally and anyone who cannot respect who I am is not worth having a place in my life…no matter who they are.

Sharing your feelings can be a sign of vulnerability for some; for me it’s a way to heal and perhaps offer others the courage to do the same.


Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul

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