Fearless Faith Flow

I’m experiencing the most difficult task ever…surrendering to my flow; allowing myself to be guided by my intuition, my spirit instead of trying to control every aspect of my life. Before now I was always practical, cautious and responsible; never living merely existing and doing as I was taught to do. Needless to say my life has not been fulfilling but I’ve made huge changes to correct this. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve wanted to give up on numerous occasions.

A couple of weeks ago I asked the Universe what I considered to be a simple question hoping to receive a simple answer to resolve my feeling of treading water. I felt as though I’ve put in so much work and I should be much further by now; I should be fully living life. My simple question: What must I do to allow the fire inside of me to burn brightly? Let me just state that if you think you are going to get an answer when YOU want it…think again! The Universe will answer when you are ready to receive the answer; when you quiet your mind and open yourself completely.

Three days later I received a response from the Universe: you must surrender; have faith and trust yourself. I began to cry because I’ve always lead, for the most part I only believe what I can see and trust is a foreign concept to me. I figured I was doomed because there is just no way I can accomplish these things; changing how I’ve been my entire life? I became angry feeling like I deserve a break after all I’ve endured during this lifetime. I decided to walk away and for the next couple of days I distracted myself with reading and working on my business model.

During prayer and meditation a few nights later, three words were sent to me…Fearless Faith Flow; since I don’ believe in coincidences, I could not ignore this message. It took a while for me to decipher the profound meaning of Fearless Faith Flow; correlating these words to my specific situation. I’ve always been fearless, I’ve always had faith and I’ve always been able to go with the flow; right? I had to go within: Fearless: know and believe in the gifts I’ve been given as well as my learned abilities; I have much to offer this world and I cannot be afraid to share myself. Faith: sure I have faith in the Universe but more importantly I must have faith in myself; trust myself. Flow: the direction my spirit decides to take me; I must allow my spirit to guide me…again trust.

Fearless…check! I absolutely believe in my gifts and learned abilities; I am ready to share myself with the world. Faith…still working on trust in general; releasing past disappointments is a process but each day I strengthen my faith. Flow also surrendering…toughest for me. Independence is essential to me same as the Sun is essential to the Earth. I haven’t been able to depend on many but I’ve always been able to depend on myself… if nothing else I’m a survivor.  I know going against my flow takes me in the opposite direction of where I need to be; doesn’t make mastering it any easier.

The Universe has not left me alone to master Fearless Faith Flow. I’ve received many blessings; confirmation that I’m doing well and reminders to be kind to myself during this journey. I’m also reminded that things are happening as they should even if I don’t “see” results…Faith. Sensations in my body remind me when I’m trying to force something to happen rather than surrendering to my Flow. Each day gets easier and my fire has gone from a smoldering to being lit and soon it will burn brightly. Others notice the changes within and seem to be attracted to my warmth.

It’s happening…it’s really happening! I stand by this statement: change is sometimes uncomfortable but is always essential to ensure growth. I hope you are growing and I hope you will share your experiences. Sharing our experiences lets others know they are not alone and encourages them to begin their own journey.

I’d love to connect with you so feel free to contact me Scribe@SereneNSassySoul.com.

As always wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul


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