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I wish you were here…

I wish you were here…

to listen and not judge how I feel

to hold me and wipe away my tears

to help me navigate and figure out what it all means

to help get through this chaotic period in my life

to comfort me and help me see that everything will work out as it should

to remind me to keep my faith strong

to remind me that I am courageous; I’ve made it this far

to remind me that someone loves and accepts me unconditionally

to speak with me so I don’t have to wonder what you might say

to lean on physically; I feel so weak as if I will fall at any moment

to smile at me and look into my eyes; my spirit cannot hide from you

to walk with me and hold my hand; your touch soothes me

to sit quietly with me; our spirits connect without words

to explain things I just don’t understand so I can move forward

I wish you were here…your essence inspires me and I’m not sure I can continue without you.

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul

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