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Pride Hinders Growth

Greetings Beautiful Spirits!

Asking for help is difficult when you already assume it will not be available when you need it most. Today I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask for help and does not change who I am. I imagine not wanting to ask for help has something to do with my long battle with low-self esteem; today I understand that I am worthy of help. Asking for help does not mean I am weak or dependent; it simply means I’m not prideful or stubborn.

I used to think that as long as you help when you can, help will be available to you when you need it most; sort of “what goes around comes around”. I never imagined I would have to initiate help. By this I mean help will be present when you need it most however, it will not knock on your door; you must ask for it and open yourself to receive help.

This has been a most humbling lesson…whew! I’ve learned that help does not always come from those you’ve helped or would expect help to come from; help is disguised in many forms but is available if you believe you are worthy of receiving it.

I never imagined I would be in the space I’m in but now I understand that until the lesson is learned, moving on to a “better” space is impossible.

Have you ever found yourself needing help but were afraid or too proud to ask for it? I’d love to hear from you. Sharing your story will encourage and inspire others to ask for the help they need to keep moving forward.

As always, sending you all Love, Peace & blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul


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