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Spilled Thoughts October 2014

Anger and disappointment swirling around me each day me

Never offering encouragement or kindness

Always filling my head with negative thoughts; my heart with feelings betraying its very essence

The world is not an easy place to thrive in spiritually; there is so much garbage in the midst of so much beauty

I want to scream, have a tantrum, runaway or hide but what will that accomplish?

I want to leave this place and start anew…no memories, thought patterns, belief system…just me

Exploring, learning, creating…living and feeling free to be who I’ve been created to be…


Unfortunately it’s not my choice; not within my control!


I’ve been created for a purpose and apparently I must fulfill this purpose before moving on

Just wish there was a manual even with pages missing or even a partial map to help me navigate this journey

All I have now is faith…can’t see it, can’t hear it, can’t touch it; faith is something you know and feel within

Some days are better than others; building on the betters days helps maintain faith, clarity and courage


So many questions…few answers…

How can I cleanse then reboot my mind?

How can I create a powerful filter that catches any garbage attempting to enter my mind? How do I quickly and efficiently dispel any garbage that may get past the filter?

How can I use my mind to attract beautiful experiences/people and manifest abundance and prosperity?

How can I use my mind to support my authentic self?

How can I use my mind in conjunction with my innate gifts to identify and fulfill my divine purpose?

Someday it may all be clear but for now…

I will take each moment of each day as they come and do what I can until there’s nothing left…


© 2014 SereneNSassySoul

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