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New Day Flow…

At some point someone decides to take a deeper look into who you are. They are unwilling to judge you by your appearance or your “resume”; they sense there is so much more to who you are. Some days we rise asking for a chance to show the world or someone who matters who we are and what we have to offer. Most days we are not afforded an opportunity to share who we are or what we have to offer but then moments come when…

Today I met a woman who wanted to know who I am and what I have to offer. She was kind, patient and an attentive listener. I am sure as the Sun and Moon both rise that she was not privy to my prayer session this morning, yet she was present and provided exactly what I asked for. We connected; the Universe must have determined it’s time for us to help one another until the time comes for us to move on.

It’s amazing how things work; not when you want them to but definitely when you need them to. It’s important to accept the Universe knows exactly what we need and when we are ready for it. Each day offers infinite possibilities and learning experiences; some days we get it and other days… Take comfort in knowing that as long as you continue being your authentic self, the Universe will provide you with everything you need to keep moving forward.

Wishing you all great Love, Peace & Blessings…


P.S. Blessings and lessons are usually wrapped in unexpected packaging. 😉

New Beginnings

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