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Wednesday Wisdom 03/25/2015

Have you ever been around people who feel that you are simply too nice? “You care too much” You do too much” This was said to me today, “People are not used someone as helpful as you so maybe you just have to learn to stay in your respective lane”. My feelings are certainly not hurt because what others think/feel about me will never dictate who I am. I will not change who I am because others are not used to “someone like me”. I am compassionate and generous, especially with Seniors and Children and Animals; I was created this way!

I say this to say…honor yourself by being who you are despite who or what others expect or want you to be. At the end of each New Day you must be able to face who you are inside, out. Be your authentic self each moment of each day and be kind to yourself if and WHEN you step outside of yourself. During moments you step outside of yourself, take a few deep breaths and let these moments pass, quiet your mind, love yourself and step right back into your authentic self.

I stand behind my belief that perhaps perfect days do not exist but perfect moments certainly do. I live moment to moment, especially for those perfect, beautiful moments. I’ve thrown away the senseless act of allowing any day to be awful; moments pass and I move on to the next… At the end of each New Day I am grateful for all experiences,(blessings & lessons)as well as close of the day. Overnight I release experiences, rest and unconsciously prepare for the New Day ahead; nothing more nothing less.

Sending you best wishes of Clarity, Courage & Compassion.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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Motivational Monday 03/23/15

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

Today is Motivational Monday; let our intention be to inspire and encourage.

I met two Beautiful Spirits this morning, warm and encouraging without me asking; well I did ask the Universe to send someone to listen and help me understand the changes I’ve been experiencing but that was a few weeks ago. What you feel you need may not come when you ask for it but it always comes when you need it!

My wish for you today is to enjoy beautiful moments presented, pay close attention to what you feel within your mind, body. spirit and heart and release the less-than-good moments as you continue to move forward on your journey.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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Back or Just Getting Here?

My hiatus has ended. Yesterday I posted a poem filled with words that have entered my mind during the past few weeks; longest, shortest poem ever! LoL

Someone asked, “Does this mean you’re back?” My response was simply, “I’ve learned that I was never really here before now.” I’ve been getting to know me; the me I tightly tucked away for years. The vibrant, creative, fearless, loving, determined, whole me. “I’m more of a behind the scenes type of person” I used to say; one of the biggest lies I’ve ever told myself. There have been many other lies as well… I just want a quiet ordinary life; love is optional not necessary; there were others but the list is too extensive. Since I’m done with “that person”, there’s no need to recap is there?

Living is about the moments not the days; there are no perfect days but there are perfect moments. Leave the less than good moments behind; allow the beautiful moments carry you forward.

As always wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…


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Two Spirits; One Love

We are connected inexplicably, heart, mind, body & spirit

Our heart rhythms in sync

Your touch calms my storms; my touch dissipates your internal chaos

Your thoughts blend into mine; my feelings entwine with yours

Insatiable, unfulfilled until you; until me

It was extremely difficult living in this world without you; no one has ever known me

I’ve loved others, never connected with them; thought I was broken, hopeless

With you I’m a better me; I awaken with purpose each New Day

You are intricately woven into the fabric of my essence; you are my Sun, I am your Moon

QueenNKingTogether we are invincible; our depth surpasses the deepest ocean

Your touch ignites every nerve ending, beginning

Your scent lingers long after you are gone

Your voice flows through my ears even after you’ve stopped speaking

Recollections of tasting you bombard my mind long after our sensual session ends

Blurred, no way to distinguish where I begin, you end; where you begin, I end…

© 2015 SereneNSassySoul