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Wednesday Wisdom 03/25/2015

Have you ever been around people who feel that you are simply too nice? “You care too much” You do too much” This was said to me today, “People are not used someone as helpful as you so maybe you just have to learn to stay in your respective lane”. My feelings are certainly not hurt because what others think/feel about me will never dictate who I am. I will not change who I am because others are not used to “someone like me”. I am compassionate and generous, especially with Seniors and Children and Animals; I was created this way!

I say this to say…honor yourself by being who you are despite who or what others expect or want you to be. At the end of each New Day you must be able to face who you are inside, out. Be your authentic self each moment of each day and be kind to yourself if and WHEN you step outside of yourself. During moments you step outside of yourself, take a few deep breaths and let these moments pass, quiet your mind, love yourself and step right back into your authentic self.

I stand behind my belief that perhaps perfect days do not exist but perfect moments certainly do. I live moment to moment, especially for those perfect, beautiful moments. I’ve thrown away the senseless act of allowing any day to be awful; moments pass and I move on to the next… At the end of each New Day I am grateful for all experiences,(blessings & lessons)as well as close of the day. Overnight I release experiences, rest and unconsciously prepare for the New Day ahead; nothing more nothing less.

Sending you best wishes of Clarity, Courage & Compassion.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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