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Always on time…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

During a New Day filled with many beautiful moments entwined with moments of pure frustration, I was blessed to “stumble upon” an article to help bring things into perspective. I’ve felt somewhat “stuck” past few weeks, unsure of my next steps; being passionate about so many things feels like a gift and a curse…

The author spoke directly to me; her examples were akin to my present thoughts, ideas, concerns, passions etc. The most pertinent tip: make a list of your values to distinguish your passions from things you enjoy. Make a list? I despise lists or anything that requires me to follow it; innate rebel with no change ahead (chucklessss). Restriction of any kind nearly extinguishes my fire, however, I’m at a great turning point, change is happening and I ‘m open so here’s my top five…

  1. Freedom; all encompassing freedom
  2. Fulfilling my purpose
  3. Sharing my gifts
  4. Creative flow
  5. Traveling

Reviewing the list has made me realize I do not wish to be sedentary nor do I wish to be locked in to a particular location, time or thing-to-do. I want to awaken each New Day able to explore and go with the flow…. Not in an irresponsible/not doing my part in this world way; I simply do not wish to be confined to anything or anyone…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Now comes the not-so-easy part…

I’m diligent and committed to flowing naturally; it feels great to be in this space at this time presented with infinite possibilities.

Do you awaken each New Day excited about what awaits you? Do you feel “stuck” at times? Are you fulfilled? Do you want more? Are you honoring your authentic self? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions,  I hope you will begin YOUR list of values to gain the clarity you need to continue moving forward.

As always I’d love for you to share your thoughts so we can create an open dialogue.

Sending you all wishes of great Love, Peace & many Blessings…





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