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Fortress Tumbles Down…

Today I pledge to release the fortress surrounding me because it has not done a great job keeping misery out but it has kept joy from entering and STAYING my life.

Trust, Faith…in every message I’ve received during the past couple of weeks; one of the hardest things for me to do because of life experiences. Today I realized that those experiences are past and although I cannot change them, I can learn not to repeat them. Today I also released any blame previously placed upon those who have hurt me; I forgive them and wish them love and light; it’s time for me to move on once and for all.

I’ve made many decisions based on how I felt and the emotions evoked within due to what I was experiencing. For example…

I left a job where I had the freedom to work in a manner best for me. A job that supported my relocation because I needed peace in my life. A job I knew well but kept learning as I went along because I enjoyed what I was doing; helping others. A job that was meaningful. Why did I leave this behind? While I did not need or want praise or special attention, I did deserve support and loyalty from my team and it just wasn’t there. At some point along the way people I thought were my friends, whose jobs I fought to keep (several times) decided that I was not worth their respect and loyalty and the undermining began.

For a long while I was angry with them, then with myself; I should have been stronger. I should not have allowed anyone to mess up what I had but because I feel everything so deeply, my heart felt betrayed and I could not get over what I felt. Loyalty is huge for me and I just allowed the pain of it all to consume me to the point of physical dis-ease; so I made the decision to walk away…

I struggled for a long while after making the decision to leave; a dark time during my life that I will never repeat but I am wiser and stronger from the entire experience. I did shut out the world during my time of darkness but today I pledge to trusting my intuition, allowing it to protect me from those harboring ill intentions (whether consciously or unconsciously). If I allow the “fortress” to remain around me, I will continue blocking beautiful spirits from entering my life. I’ve asked the Universe to connect me with like-minded, beautiful spirits; it would be hypocritical of me to not do my part.

I’m sharing this to let you know that if you are holding on to any hurt or pain, you must let it go so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose, let it go so you can heal and allow prosperity and abundance to flow infinitely into your life. You deserve joy, peace and love so don’t block this energy from your life by keeping the hurt alive.

As always I’m asking you to share your thoughts/experiences so that you can pay the healing forward.
Love, Peace & Blessings…


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