Fear Consumes Her…

Unable to acknowledge or admit, she suffers from fear deep within her spirit; it’s how she learned to managed her life thanks to early experiences
Unintentionally she passes her fearfulness on to others and cannot accept when they reject her fear/step outside of her fear.
Like so many other things this creates more fear within her.
She judges harshly beginning with herself then trickling to others; perhaps unconsciously but does that excuse the pain she may cause for others?
It’s frightening to be near people who don’t share her beliefs because they may go farther than she has allowed herself to go…
Believing that allowing herself to be led will ease her pain or make life easier; as if she is not somehow held accountable for her life or lack thereof
Closing her mind is “safer” than allowing it to flow openly with infinite possibilities…
Keeping herself to only herself is “safer” than sharing herself because why risk being vulnerable and possibly being hurt again? Isn’t keeping yourself alone, hurtful? 
Never taking risks, playing it safe…how far can she get?
Not living a life that has been given to her, is this not disrespectful to the One responsible for creating her? Kinda makes you wonder…
Giving up because it seems like a waste of time to continue trying, cowardly or does she really believe she is “protecting” herself?
Will she make a decision to be courageous, opening her heart and mind so she can truly live or will she continue dying slowly and alone?
It is time for her to go deep within to find out who she truly is and be herself, without explanation or apology for shining brightly and walking purposefully.
Living small or dimly brings dishonor to yourself and the One responsible for creating you; shine Brightly Beautiful Spirits!
©SereneNSassySoul 2015

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