The Light is Out…

It’s not dim, it’s out

Flame is not dim or low it’s out

Snuffed out, stomped out, drenched out… it’s out

Filled with nothingness

Lifeless, useless,

Invisible, insignificant, irrelevant

Indifferent, uninspired


Completely exhausted

Alone, disconnected

Aloof, disheartened

Trapped, suffocating slowly

Pain is gone; so is joy

Nothing and no one matter

Everything is gray; sometimes fuzzy

Clarity, comfort elusive; non-existent


The Light is out…not dimmed…The Light is out!

Consistently inconsistent; highs and lows; passionate then numb; up the down; in then out; clarity then confusion; peace then chaos; driven then stalled; fearless then fearful; excited then nonchalant; bright then dull; painless then full pain; emotional, emotionless; over It, in It; wanting more then not caring; full of life then exhausted; enjoying solitude, loneliness; fullof love then anger…

©SereneNSassySoul 2015

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