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Return to the Wild

The moment it becomes clear the Mustang, rebellious spirit, infinite strength and independence has been quietly led all of this time.

Led by fears, beliefs and expectations of others.

The Mustang’s fire dimmed to almost nothing until now.

Trapped in a cage she’s had the key to free herself from all along.

The moment the Mustang wipes away cobwebs, giving thanks for clarity and strength gifted to her by the Universe…

The moment the heaviness that was suffocating the Mustang has finally dissipated and she knows that she is finally and totally free…

Wild Mustang

The moment the Mustang stands, legs stronger than ever; heart beating so strong she can here it reverberate throughout her entire being

The moment the Mustang declares that no one will ever lead her again!

The moment the Mustang reclaims herself completely!

The moment the Mustang has longed for…to feel alive and purposeful

This moment you are feeling proud and relieved for the Mustang, realizing…the Mustang is YOU!

“I am truly, hopelessly addicted to feeling so deeply, words cannot describe…”  ~SereneNSassySoul

© SereneNSassySoul 2015



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