Life, Love…

Today’s Spilled Thoughts are inspired by the Temptations’ song “Treat Her Like A Lady” check it out on Youtube.
Looking out into the world it’s particularly disturbing to see the lack of respect women and men offer to one another. It’s evident in music, videos, movies etc. and it makes me wonder where did it all go wrong?
“Life happens” is not an excuse to settle into relationships that don’t make you a better person. “Life happens” is not an excuse for treating people disrespectfully. “Life happens” is not an excuse to spread negative vibes or to allow yourself to stay in a depressed, low energy state.
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Life, Love are about…
Respecting self and others
Honoring self and others
Communicating honestly, effectively, lovingly
Never settling for less than your worth; never giving less than your best

How do you live, love?













Detached (not to be confused with emotionless) you are whole with or with out your partner but your partner inspires you to be the best person you can be.


Do you live, love or allow yourself to be loved…






Are you satisfied, content? Your partner?

Life, Love…

Loving Yourself; loving others

Protecting Yourself

Accepting Yourself; accepting others

Honoring Yourself; honoring others

Being Kind to Yourself; being kind to others

Passionately Expressing Yourself

Inspiring positive thoughts and actions

Thinking and doing for yourself, inspiring others to do the same

Creating NEW patterns that bring positive and prosperous energy into your life

Embracing failure because you will reflect and succeed next go round

Opening yourself to infinite possibilities

Opening your heart

Opening your mind

Opening your spirit

People often expect so much more from others than they are willing or able to give themselves. Relationships (any kind) flow best when give and take are balanced. Truth is, having expectations of anyone, including yourself is unfair and creates imbalance. Once you master loving yourself, you can love others completely accepting each person just as they are; no more, no less and without expectation.

As always, sending you Love, Peace & Blessings…
©SereneNSassySoul 2016

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