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After a long hiatus, as I drove today, I felt my soul stirring. I felt warm and vibrant, sort of a foreign feeling because it’s been a while.  My feelings have been dormant, nil, gone, lost… Even feeling my soul stirring today was not as strong as I’ve experienced previously; it was quiet, calm but I felt it nonetheless; I finally felt something…

Hearing his voice today stirred my soul; it was as if I was re-awakening. My skin soft and supple, my breath deep and full, my smile serene and alive, my vibration soft yet strong… I feel sensually peaceful and blessed to be alive for this experience and although unsure of where it will lead, excited about the possibilities…


I listened to His voice soothing, sweetly melodic but I realized that it’s not about him per say, he’s the one who reminds me how deeply I can feel and that it’s safe to allow myself to feel. I read something yesterday that mentioned, when you close yourself in an effort to protect yourself or deal with life, you also cut off your ability to love and your creativity. Explains why I haven’t created anything nor have I felt inspired in a long while.

Closing myself off was the only way I knew how to protect myself from feeling too much of things that caused me dis-ease. I’m intelligent enough to understand that I can’t feel great every moment of every day but I was having too many negative moments so I shut down, almost completely. Shutting down provides protection of sorts but it means being only a shell of who I truly am; I was unfulfilled in protective mode even more so than I was just being me.

So back to Him, my long time inspiration… I was worried because I had not been missing Him, didn’t feel a need to hear him or see him even though he’s been The One for as long as I can remember. Years ago, He was the reason I began writing and feeling again after a long period of despair. I’ve often thought of him as my muse, friend and at times I was in and out of love with him; in and out of denial about my feelings for him; sure but unsure about my feelings so I shut down, shut him out and moved on, albeit to nowhere.

My internal dialogue, “Just let yourself feel and flow; don’t think too much and don’t hold on to anything.” Pretty sure I’ll never be the same again but reconnecting with myself, my true self feels so amazing why would I want to return to the shell of me? I love who I am now so ready or not world, here I am!

As always sending you Love, Peace & Blessings during your journey Beautiful Spirits…


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Break The Cycle – Our Children

Dearest Beautiful Spirits,

I realize that as humans, our behaviors are mostly indicative of what we’ve been taught by others, but at some point you must begin thinking for yourself and establish your own belief system, values and morals. With that said, please understand it’s unfair to impose your beliefs and/or expectations on others no matter who they are. Children deserve an opportunity to formulate their own beliefs, values, thoughts, and opinions despite whether or not you were afforded an opportunity to do so when you were being raised. BREAK THE CYCLE!

mom encouraging daughter

Just like adults, children need to awaken each New Day with purpose; children need to know they matter. Children need to know they can accomplish anything they are determined to accomplish. Children need to be nurtured, loved and supported despite your personal beliefs about their choices/decisions; despite how you may have been raised. Keep in mind this does not mean you should allow them to run wild and not be mindful of things that may cause harm. Allowing your children to experience the world in a way that feels right for them is essential for them to grow into balanced and productive beings.

children exploring

It is NOT up to you to decide what your children can or cannot accomplish. If your child wants to be a ballerina and you have no idea how this can actually happen, start researching to begin your child’s journey towards being a ballerina. Your children may switch passions regularly until they find something they are willing to stick with, just support them along their journey of exploration.

mom and dad suporting child

You’d be surprised how amazing your children will feel and how far they will go when you give them simple freedom of making their own choices while offering your unconditional love and support. Without this, your child may struggle with self-esteem issues and may settle for a life less than what the Universe has intended; likely spending  their adult years trying to rid themselves of emotional distress.

courageous child

If your parents were not able to offer you unconditional support to assist you with accomplishing your goals, it doesn’t mean that you must do the same with your children. Show interest in things they enjoy doing (yes, even if it’s not interesting to you).  Listen to your children, pay attention to what they do and be mindful of people they label as their friends.

future scientist


If you feel as though your parents did not offer you unconditional love and support, chances are they were unable to because of how they were raised. Accept that your parents did the best they could, then work on healing and releasing how you feel about this so you can BREAK THE CYCLE.

Healing yourself allows you to be a better, more involved, more intuitive parent  and your children will feel safe and supported enough to come to you with anything they may face. If you leave it up to ‘the world’ to teach and/or support them, you will fail your children and yourself.

As always I welcome you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences as this post is based upon My truth and My experience; you will apply your own accordingly to figure out what work best for you and your children.

Wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…