Spilled Thoughts – Injustice

I’ve been holding this in for a while now and I have to release this pent up frustration.

Can I just yelllllllllll??? Image result for frustration

Can I just state say how disappointed I am that hotels in Cleveland surrounding the Cleveland Clinic are booked and not making special allowances for Cleveland Clinic patients… during the Republican Convention. Seriously is this what we’ve come to? Political antics take precedence over people who need to be cared for?

I spoke with a sweet woman today caring for her husband who will have surgery July 14th and because of the convention she will have to switch hotels twice during their stay. It’s bad enough her husband’s health requires an invasive procedure to help him heal, to boot he and his wife are forced to stress about hotel accommodations? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, when did they become more important than people?

Each New Day I find the good in humanity and this world but some moments during each New Day are daunting. This particularly infuriates me; saddens me also because there is nothing I can do about it.

OK, OK back to positive thoughts, feelings and energy sharing (smiles*smiles*smiles).

I leave you with this…take care of yourself, take of those who need you to take care of them (of course without neglecting yourself) and please don’t ever lose your human nature, kindness, compassion and love.

Image result for beautiful spirit

As always, Love, Peace & Blessings…





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